A Man Of Knowledge

In the writings of Carlos Castaneda, he discusses many topics with his teacher Don Juan, a Yaqui sorcerer that teaches him about the ways of sorcery. By definition, a sorcerer is an individual that may have powers related to what we would call magic. However, according to Don Juan, a sorcerer is just one of the aspects of becoming a man of knowledge. This is a concept that is discussed in detail throughout the Carlos Castaneda books, and in Book 2, “A Separate Reality“, this term is reference nearly 50 times. This is a brief overview of some of the more pertinent aspects of what a man of knowledge is, and why it is more of a way of life than an introduction to the elusive world of what many call sorcery. Even if you are not interested in the topics of sorcery, what Don Juan calls a man of knowledge applies to how we can all improve our lives quickly and dramatically.

How Does Don Juan Define A Man Of Knowledge?

There are many aspects of becoming a man of knowledge that Don Juan eludes to. One of the earliest references is in the introduction that Carlos provides when he is discussing his initial meetings with Don Juan. He quickly defines a man of knowledge as a person who simply “knows”. Although this definition is also used when describing a skill that Don Juan has called “Seeing”, a skill that not all sorcerers would have, a man of knowledge seems to be both a sorcerer and one that Sees. He is also an individual that is what Don Juan refers to as a Hunter, as well as a Warrior, each of which refers to a specific way of living that has many positive benefits. Therefore, a man of knowledge seems to be the pinnacle of what you would want to become, a multifaceted individual that may be similar to what some in other cultures would refer to as a Spiritual Guru, Shaman or a Medicine Man. Don Juan also eludes to the fact that a man of knowledge must meet with what he calls an ally. This is first referenced in the initial book in this series, The Teachings Of Don Juan.

What Is An Ally?

Throughout the Carlos Castaneda series, there are beings that are referred to as an Ally. These are beings that can be accessed through the different psychotropic plants that were introduced throughout the books. They could also be transferred from the teacher to the student. In his book A Separate Reality, Carlos discusses a time where he met three people that Don Juan believed to be allies. They could take on the shape of a person, male or female, beings that were thought to be here much longer than mankind according to Don Juan. To become a man of knowledge, Don Juan stated that you must grapple with an ally, and by holding onto it, there would be some type of transference of power. By subduing the ally, you would then have access to the help that the ally could provide which included becoming a man of knowledge.

The Short Definition Of A Man Of Knowledge

A man of knowledge is a person that walks a completely different path than a regular individual. They are aware of different planes of existence, and other entities, that are all around us. The simplest way to define a man of knowledge is that it is similar to a person who has woken up in a dream. If you have ever done so, you understand that by recognizing you are asleep, and that you are awake in the dream, you now have full control of the landscapes that will be presented. Therefore, a man of knowledge is an individual that does not react to the world around him, or his circumstances, but has full control of his actions at all times. There is more to understanding how to become one, but according to Carlos Castaneda, this is the pinnacle of achievement within the context of how his teacher Don Juan perceive the world to be.