How To Use Your Chi or Will

How To Use Your Chi or Will

by Michael Kohler

There is a concept called Chi which has been documented for centuries. It is said to be the life force of the body. It is also referred to in many other cultures as Prana, Qi or Ki. In the writings of Carlos Castaneda, Don Juan referred to this as the will, a power that could emanate from just below the belly button. It is interesting to note that this is a similar location from which Chi emanates from the body in many of the other cultures that have documented this power. People that do healing often refer to this same energy emanating from the second chakra. If you would like to access your Chi or Will, here are a few tips that you can use.

Where Does This Energy Originate From?

In many spiritual teachings, it is believed that the universe was created by some type of all pervasive power. For example, in the belief system of pantheism, this energy would result from an all-encompassing God. However, this is not the same as the anthropomorphic deity often described in most Western religions. It is a power, a God that is in personal, and that is found in all aspects of reality.

Does Chi Always Originate From The Second Chakra?

This energy does not only emanate from the second chakra. It is said to flow through not only your Chakras, but throughout your entire body. It permeates every cell of your being, and can also be found in all things throughout nature. Whether you are looking at water, stones, trees, or the animals in the forest, all of them possess this life force. The reason that there is so much focus on this particular area of the human body is that the highest concentration of Will appears to come from this location. This is an energy that healing masters can feel such as those that practice Qigong and many others.

How Your Will Can Affect Your Reality

If the world that you perceive around you is the result of a description, one that is, in part, created by your intentions and predilections, it is the Will which acts as a bridge between the physical world in the place from which all things have originated. By learning to develop your ability to improve your Will, it will become easier to make changes in your life. You can develop this energy, making it more manifest in the real world, by practicing meditation, proper breathing, and visualization techniques.

Whether you refer to this as Chi, Qi or your Will, it is the same power. It is a representation of our connection to the creative force of the universe. For those that can feel Chi emanating from this area of their body, they are likely to have developed in a deeply spiritual manner. It is through developing our access to tje Will, and harnessing the power of Intention, that we can begin to change our lives in a positive way. Our connection to the other side, that place from which all things have come, is made evident by improving the way that Chi emanates from the body.