Surfing The Spirit

Have you ever dropped a leaf into a flowing stream and just watched it float? You’re standing there by the edge of the water watching and listening in complete relaxation. A warm breeze is blowing just enough to give you goose bumps. The pretty green countryside is like something out of a painting. The leaf you just dropped embraces the water and is carried away with the current. The leaf doesn’t struggle; it just goes wherever the current takes it.

In a similar way, we as humans float as well. The spirit is like the water carrying the leaf; it is always there to guide our way. The problem is, we don’t always embrace the path the spirit is offering us. We make bad choices and then wonder why life is so troublesome. When we go against the current we will inevitably experience rough water. The idea is to go with the flow to use a cliché. Sometimes our choices are good and everything is smooth. Then all of a sudden, we find our lives going around and round. We have been caught up in an eddy.

Life is a constant moment to moment process of awakening. Whether we realize it or not, we are all walking a spiritual path. Some have just not realized it yet. When we do, our perceptions change. During this process we might feel confused. We know things are different but are not able to tell how. This is because our awareness is growing and we are not used to it yet. We are becoming more sensitive to ourselves and the world around us. We are feeling emotions that are new to us. Once we get acclimated to following the spirit, our lives start to make more sense.

Faith at this stage in our lives becomes increasingly important. It doesn’t matter so much what religion or philosophy our faith is in. It is the level of strength you have in your faith that matters. A Muslim can access the spirit just as easily as a Buddhist. When we are following the spirit, our lives are less stressful. Faith provides the stability for us to continue on the path.

Surfing the spirit is my analogy of walking a spiritual path. When we wake up from our slumber, the leaf is dropped into the stream. At this point we experience the dream of life from a more conscious standpoint. The leaf thus floats on the water experiencing the currents and eddies along the way. In the same way, we are surfing the spirit experiencing our own currents and eddies learning to embrace life and spirit as warriors.