Talking To God

Dear God, thank you for being my best teacher. I realize in theory you have been my only teacher. I have learned all that exists is a part of you. Comprehending that you encompass the whole of the universe has taken a long time. I used to think divinity was something outside myself, above me in a sense, but now I realize God is within myself as it is within all of humanity. This spiritual journey has been my greatest Joy. It has been an on-going process of self-discovery.

At times in my life you seemed mysterious and hidden, but you still sought different ways to enlighten me. Since this journey began, I have never felt the same. I am sure I have repeated many lessons over and over before I understood their meaning. Now, in the wake of this knowledge, I want to thank you for your patience and kindness. It was not until I embraced all of myself, did I find you.

At this point in my life, I am awed at the notion that our existence together is eternal. After all the years of searching, I find you were always there. You were in the shadows as well as the light. This is where most people I believe are misled. They only look for you in the good. Not realizing you are the great paradox. When I finally embraced my shadow, I found abundant lessons that led me to healing.

I have finally realized what it is about sages and holy men that separates them from the average man; all their actions reflect positive energy. In everything they do, they act with impeccability, which I believe stems from their balanced perspective of who and what you are in relation to themselves. This leads them to be perceived as evolved souls, but I think their real secret lies in their ability to exist within the crack between worlds.

Every human soul seems to have a desire to know you, although this desire is not always conscious of itself. This must be what scientists would refer to as instinctual. Through the Arts, people are able to express their relationship to you in the form of work that others can enjoy. Others perhaps experience you while walking through nature or taking a hike. How I experience God may not be the same way someone else experiences you. Nonetheless, once we get a taste of your divine will, we yearn for more.

Hand and spirit, we will go throughout infinity creating ourselves from the choices we make. In humanity’s struggle to discover itself, mankind will inevitably discover your grace.