The Art Of Non Doing

There is a concept in Taoism that is called non-doing. It is a spiritual concept that is often hard to comprehend. It is also discussed in the books of Carlos Castaneda in his account of his time with the Yaqui sorcerer Don Juan. The reason that this concept is sometimes difficult to comprehend, or even implement, is because it initially does not seem to make sense. It is said to be one of the best ways to conduct your life, which seems contradictory if it really means not doing anything at all. Here is a quick overview of what many people referred to as Wu Wei, the art of not doing.

What Is Non-Doing

From a basic perspective, it is a way of connecting with the spiritual side of the universe, the act of stopping what is called your internal dialogue. The world around us is considered to be a narrative or even an illusion to some. However, our reality is very real. It is tangible in every way. The concept of life being a narrative simply means that, from a particular state of mind, it can be somewhat less solid. When you practice non-doing, you are shutting down that aspect of yourself which is thought to project or motivate your reality to occur in a certain manner. Non-doing is nothing more than preventing the internal dialogue, or your constant state of processing the world around you, so that something can change.

How Non-Doing Can Improve Your Life

The intentions that you have, or your wishes and desires, are often hard to manifest. Many people believe that it is through hard work and dedication that we are able to mold our lives in a particular manner. Unfortunately, the routines of our life are what keep things the way they are. It is only by interrupting this pattern that we are able to find a way to modify the world around us. There are many aspects of this technique that go far beyond this simple article, but it is safe to state that this technique of Wu Wei, or stopping the world, can be used to make your life into something that you would prefer.

Changing your life is not going to, in most cases, occur in a single day. The routines that we are constantly processing through our actions, and with our thoughts, often keep us from achieving the goals and desires that we have. By practicing non-doing, you will be able to interrupt this pattern, and by doing so move toward something that you would prefer. Therefore, on a very basic level, the art of not doing has to do with altering your mental processes so that, if only for a few minutes, you can break the rigid pattern of your thoughts and introduce intentions that will have a higher probability of manifesting.