The Importance Of Your Decisions

The Importance Of Your Decisions

by Michael Kohler


There is an old saying that the last suit you will ever wear does not need any pockets. This is in reference to the suit that we will all wear, proverbially or not, once we are dead. When we leave, it is the spirit that the parts, heading into that infinity that we only have in glimpses experienced. When we go, there is nothing for us to bring. However, there is one thing that we will bring with us if consciousness does indeed persist after death. It is the sum total of the consequences of our decisions. In some cases, this is reference as a life review, a time where we will be presented with the life that we lived and we will be judged for what we have done. Whether this is something that does happen, or if it is simply a fable, this is true to some degree. The only thing that we have that is of any importance personally are the decisions that we make.

Why Are Our Decisions So Important?

As we get older, we recognize that time is getting short. We often look back at the life we have lived and some of us are filled with a substantial amount of regret. We think about decisions that we could have made, ones that would have allowed us to live a much more meaningful life. In this story written by Leo Tolstoy called The Death of Ivan Ilych, Ivan debated whether or not his entire life was actually wrong. In this story, it is depicted that this man hated his job, hated his wife, and wondered at the very end if his entire life should have been different. This is why our decisions matter. In order to avoid regret, and to live life to the fullest, every decision that you make is of utmost importance. We need to be impeccable people, individuals that are making decisions not based upon reactions to outside circumstances but an inward intention toward the things that we want to accomplish.

How To Be Impeccable

The concept of being impeccable is one that is so important. By definition, a person who is impeccable is an individual that is always making the right decisions. Most importantly, once they have made these decisions, they are not concerned with outcome. They are simply making decisions that are executed with a great amount of forethought, thus negating any reason to regret anything. Therefore, the decisions of an impeccable person are always going to lead them down pathways that will help them achieve goals that they have aspired to attain. All we do have is our decisions, and when made with a clear mind, and without regret, our life will inevitably be something that we will remember in a much more positive light.

There is a concept called the butterfly effect which states that the wings of a butterfly flapping can actually cause substantial problems. By flapping its wings on one side of the earth, it could actually lead to a tornado or a hurricane on the other side of the earth. Although this may seem like fantasy, it is certainly not when talking about your decisions. Every decision that you make, small or large, is going to have an effect on the path of your life and your interactions with the people that are in your life right now. It is only by being very careful with your decisions that you have a chance of living a life that is going to be remembered as something that was worth living, allowing us all to avoid the fate of a person like Ivan Ilych. When we get to that point in our life, where our last suit is about to be worn, we need to make sure that the memories of this life are not filled with regret. By being impeccable, and living life from a point of action and not reaction, we will never have to wonder if we have live the wrong life or not.