True Perception

On any journey there are going to be moments when we must make decisions that impact our lives. These are the moments when we create who we are. A problem, however, lies in the inability of people to see clearly enough to make the right decisions. The problem and solution, per se, being one’s perception, can be illustrated by the triangular model of perception that I have devised.

Imagine a triangle. Perception is like a triangle in which three concepts interact adjacent to one another. A conceptual understanding of all three corners enables true perception. Of the three corners: religion on one corner, esoteric knowledge on another, and self-awareness on the third corner. This model provides an understanding of all three corners functioning in unison.

In some of our spiritual literature today, we all too often find that what makes the best seller’s list are pieces of work concentrated with advice such as stay in the moment, or, there is only now. Although this is good advice, such is hollow if it is not accompanied with a general comprehension of the bigger picture. Understanding the bigger picture means being aware that the world we live in is much more than just our home; it is a sentient being filled with majestic wonders at every moment in time. The triangle model provides us with an illustration of what we need to achieve to open the doors of perception in our minds so that we can see pass the illusion of physicality.

The first corner of the triangle is religion, a fundamental necessity into seeing the big picture. Without religion mankind would have no grounds to base theological knowledge upon. Although everybody interprets holy scripture differently, religion serves as a stepping stone to higher states of awareness. It gives people something to believe in and a purpose for being. Religion provides a sense of security with the belief of ensuring status with a higher power in case there really is an afterlife. Rarely does one come to any kind of spiritual attainment without initially exploring religion, which is why religion is one corner of the triangle.

The second corner of the triangle is esoteric knowledge, a concept that has no formal name that I know of, so is referred to as such because it grasps the idea I speak of. Simply put, esoteric knowledge is an understanding of the soul’s journey through life, death, and life after death. Esoteric knowledge is an idea that the mystics might refer to as a macro philosophy, since this knowledge is the part of our learning that involves discovering the vastness of our spiritual universe. The esoteric realms are where all the talk of different dimensions comes from.

Exploring deeper levels of consciousness opens mysterious dimensions, one upon another like the layers of an onion. Pioneers such as Robert Monroe, Michael Newton, and Carlos Castaneda have traversed these dimensions and have shared them with the world in their texts. Although the above explorer’s texts and much of the current information available today might be considered speculation by some individuals, they do, however, provide an extensive outline of the esoteric realms, which are helpful in forming our overall perspective.

Finally, the third corner of the triangle is self-awareness. Having self-awareness means being consciously aware of yourself and your surroundings. It means learning to be aware of your feelings and then going beyond them to identify their root causes. Self-awareness involves being mindful of your influence on others. Cultivating self-awareness entails looking beyond the self to recognize our eternal nature. Awareness, however, is very elusive and takes place at an intuitive level that we slowly learn to harness over time.

My triangle model brings together a worldview that promotes true perception by bringing together three major themes of spirituality: religion, esoteric knowledge, and self-awareness. Some individuals may relate to one corner more than another, but full recognition of all three sides is essential to achieving our human potential. Simply stated, true perception occurs when one realizes there is more to the cosmic puzzle than just one corner of the triangle.

Ultimately, these insights allow the individual the awareness to perceive life from a more balanced perspective, giving the individual the strength (knowledge is power) to face life as it comes, moment by moment. Everyone has the right to their own opinion and disagreements will naturally occur, but when a broader, more inclusive, spiritual philosophy is allowed to mature, the world will be a better place in which to live.