How To Have Your Own Lucid Dream

There are two very unique types of dreams that you can have. One is prophetic, where something that you dream about comes true. The other is called a lucid dream, a dream where you are actually awake in the dream. You are able to control different aspects of what is around you. Unlike an out of body experience which pertains more to normal reality, you are often in these very unique impromptu situations. You may find yourself in a fantasy land, complete with dragons and fairies. Other people may find themselves far out and sea on a pirate ship. For those that have never had one of these before, you will definitely know the difference between a vivid dream and one that is lucid. The primary difference is that you are well aware of your identity within the dream, and you also have the unique ability to control it.

How Can You Have Your Own Lucid Dream?

Preparation for a lucid dream is very similar to what you do to have an out of body experience. You will want to go to sleep for about four hours and then wake up. Preferably, you should awaken between the hours of 2 AM and 4 AM. This is based upon statistical information on those who have studied this topic. Although the mechanism by which you are able to convey your consciousness to the dream itself is not known, by following these steps, you have a higher probability of experiencing this very unique event. There are those that have these every night, primarily because they are open to this idea, and have perfected their ability to wake up within the dream.

What Does It Mean To Wake Up Within The Dream?

Whenever you are able to remember who you are within a dream, you have awoken within the context of the dream itself. You may simply say your name, or you may have the definitive notion that you are currently asleep in your bed, but you are here as well. The key to maintaining lucidity within the dream is to maintain clarity at all times. If you find yourself staring at different aspects of the dream, you may find yourself getting caught up in the dream and losing your awareness. It does take some practice, but there are many people that have written topics on this type of dream that are well-known in the industry. This is something that potentially everyone can experience. If you would like to consider trying this out, you should read up on the literature related to this phenomena, and attempt to do this yourself.

Whether you end up having a lucid dream, or an out of body experience, you are doing something similar in both. Your conscious awareness is with you in the context of these dreamlike realms. There is something incredible about controlling dreams while you are in them. Some will seem to last for only minutes, get others can last for hours. Even if you are only able to do this once in your life, it will be a fantastic experience. If you would like to attempt this, it is highly recommended that you read more information on this topic and get a few books on how to have a lucid dream on your own.