The Double

Although the concept of the Double has been presented in many of the books that Carlos Castaneda has written, it was not until his fourth book, “Tales of Power“, that it was actually officially named. The Double is a representation of the real person, one that could be thought to be the true self, that which originates from the Other Side. It is developed in Dreaming, a concept that Don Juan presents several times which goes far beyond the casual dreaming that most of us do every night. The Double is an interesting concept because it is not only found in the literature provided by Carlos Castaneda or the teachings of Don Juan. Let’s discussed in more depth what the double lives and a few of the other places that this concept has been presented in literature throughout the world.

What Is The Double?

According to Don Juan, the double is an exact representation of the real person. The more impeccable the sorcerer is, the more exact this representation will be. It is the sorcerer himself, indistinguishable from the real person, and it possesses unique powers that the average person would not normally have. One of the first introductions to the power of the Double was in the book, “A Separate Reality“, where a friend of Don Juan, who is referred to as Don Genero, pressed down on Carlos’s back. Although he only touched his shoulder with his hand, it gave him the impression that the weight of a boulder, forcing him all the way to the ground. There were other instances where this occurred, but it was not until Tales of Power where this separate version of the self was defined. Essentially, it is the spiritual self, made manifest in the physical world, and with it came powers that were similar to what a Dreamer would experience in the context of a lucid dream where the individual is aware that they are dreaming and, like a God, can control the dream itself.

What Is The Importance Of The Double?

For many people, this would be a type of confirmation that there is something beyond the world that we see around us. If this truly can be developed, and if you could interact in this world as you would a dream, you would literally have godlike powers. According to Don Juan, of all of the times that Carlos interacted with Don Genero, he had only been with the real Genero two times.
It was in this form that Genero was able to achieve feats that would otherwise be impossible from the context of normal physics. It also gives credence to the idea that there seems to be a parallel universe, one that is connected to our own where we journey at night. Some people referred to this as the Light Body, or even the Soul, but for those in the world of the Yaqui sorcerers, or at least of Don Juan, it is simply referred to as the Double. It is this same concept that can be found in several other cultures.

Examples Of The Double In Other Cultures

An example of the concept of the Double is often found where you are looking at cultures that talk about bilocation. One of the most notable examples of this is in the religion of Catholicism with a priest by the name of Padre Pio. One of the most well-known examples was during World War II in San Giovanni Rotondo in Italy where observers had seen Padre Pio floating in the air. Another example of this is in the concept of the Tulpa in Tibet which is thought to be a manifestation of the self. In the Buddhist text Sama├▒├▒aphala Sutta, it discusses how a person is able to create what is called a mind made body. These are not merely illusions, but can actually take on characteristics of the person including aspects of their personality.

One of the reasons that we may not be able to do this, if this concept is truly real, is that we are not able to break free from what Don Juan calls our description of the world. Within that context, it would not be possible to create one of these either through mind manifestation or Dreaming. However, in the context of sorcery, and the teachings of Don Juan, it does seem to be a very real phenomena that people can learn how to manifest. If it were possible, he could explain other concepts that have been discussed such as ninjas that can walk through walls, or the ability of gurus in India such as Sai Baba that were able to perform miraculous feats. Perhaps it all does begin with the simple belief that this concept is real for the manifestation of the Double to begin. It is one of the more interesting concept discussed by Carlos Castaneda through his depiction of the world through the teachings of Don Juan.